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The stuff in the bottom of your blue icee before it melts. _-The Lesbian Writers Guild at UCSD-_

Saturday, March 18, 2006

celebrate spandex and sombreros with a pina colada

hello friends.

in case you missed the world-wide announcement, there is a party tonight with your name on it.
well, actually, it's got my name on it, seeing as it's my birthday (jackass).

mexican hawaiian 80s birthday fusion party
march 18, 730pm
3893 Camino Lindo
San Diego, CA 92122

you're royally invited. you can be my guest of honor.
yes, all of you.
(well, actually, only if you dress appropriately [see theme above])

then again, my friend andres is coming as a pirate.

so whatever, people, just be there.
free mexican food, free alcohol, free break from worrying about the final projects and chapbooks you've yet to begin.


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