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The stuff in the bottom of your blue icee before it melts. _-The Lesbian Writers Guild at UCSD-_

Monday, March 06, 2006

Look! It's us! And you're the ugly one...

Someone write to me how beautiful these things are
The cold steel rails, the jumping minnow

Fishes uncaught in bills of mallards and terns
Bobbing heads in green; dorks on a pier

Someone tell me how distant this is

Midnight frustrated fisherman pacing the rocks
Gimp bird with a one-foot perch, a tear
A startle and a flap; two steps straight back

Someone embellish for me the two penguins in the night

Coronado collegiates: cold early Monday March morning
Phantom boats' wake pushing the tide

Henpecked cuckold searching something in the rocks

Someone be nostalgic for the couple in the car nearby

Coronoado locals: celebrating for the sake of night

And when we returned they weren't even there

To take them up on the challenge, an unspoken dare...


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Kristin said...

i like this so much, i'm stealing it for my own blog...


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