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Friday, March 03, 2006

Old friends, new thoughts

It's not necessarily what he talks about that I ever find ultimately gripping. It's always his eloquence and force by which he can argue. It is this quality in his person which is more or less addictive, and causes my brain to reach in two directions. I need to ground myself, first, and then I can reach way into the distance, waving the stubby claw of my brain around in the breezy darkness until I wrap it around the point he is making, while I reach the other nub towards this comfortable rigid plane which functions like the yellow line on the road, or the one that shows where the doors in public schools will swing out (were we really that dumb, that we couldn't just imagine how doors opened?). This line I associate with my public education anyway, mixed with the laws of the land, most of which are bullshit anyway, so I am not reluctant to try and envelop the ideas of this man.
He wanted me to think about Africa. Why is this continent so dependent on outside assistance, and not civilized? Africa has not invented new useful things, or had displays of heroism or greatness like we would have seen in the Roman Empire. A land that that is not inventing, building, is stagnant, and not civilized. Of course, my wording can never give it the command he has over his own query, but I react, still. I wonder why. I feel some sort of obligation. He says that maybe there's something to come, that Africa will have it's Jefferson or (someone great).
So I guess be on the lookout for Africa, it might get its shit together and bring something new to the world for the name of good. Because God made man, and man made democracy, and democracy is a good thing. Because God made man in his image, man makes good things to imitate God. That's the order of things, we gather.
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