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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What the hell could Monday have to say...

Laurie Weeks: Write 20 lines a day, and your dreams will come true.
Student: I'm going to barf into this lunchbag and hand it to the receptionist.
Laurie Weeks: What's the deal with that? Have you ever noticed that our moments of inspiration are clouded by provocations of our own?
Student: I'm just wondering why the stench of perspiration is drowning me, even when I seem to be uncovering something new.
Laurie Weeks: Well you should go about this a different way... have you ever tried to smell the ink instead of write it? Your approach can change, should change especially depending on mood...
Student: But it is not the technique that is inhibiting, it is the existance that seems to be bothersome, sometimes 20 lines is too much existance for one day.
Laurie Weeks: You tried, didn't you? That's all I was really asking, 19 lines one day won't kill you either.
Student: I stopped after three.
Laurie Weeks: Well maybe you just need to read, we have a time where we're more observant than productive. You just need to rechannel your energies into something that feels right for you.
Student: You know, I think you're right. Writing has little to do with my hand, and more to do with my mind. I never feel empowered by depleting ink, and I feel fulfilled when I read myself to sleep.
Laurie Weeks: Well, one day you may learn to read then write, and confuse the feelings. Who says completion of a day, or a night even, must have yield.
Student: You did, though.
Laurie Weeks: 20 lines is not an event that has a beginning and an end. It's like 20 pushups in the sense that it's hard to get started, but should come out abruptly and altogether. However, pushups don't have any function here. The concentration in using your muscles to pump through those 20 and the force exerted on them during and after they are completed is what I want to happen to your writing. 20 lines are 20 pushups, except we're video taping the pushups and editing out the ones where you fall down, or struggle too much.
Student: I think I understand a bit better now. So you might say Acker or Leyner have strong biceps and pex?
Laurie Weeks: Well, they do their pushups with only one arm, and they've been doing it for a long time.
Student: What happens when we write 20 lines a night for a year?
Laurie Weeks: You mean besides the 7300 lines?
Student: Yeah. Does it mean anything?
Laurie Weeks: Well, do it, then tell me how you feel. Writing is work, but it's also this dysfunction in us all. When you have adapted, you will no longer write 20 lines a night, but pages upon pages will surface. Every night will be this exploration into your cavernous mind. Throw a rock, find a Dead Sea Scroll. Spelunk and uncover Atlantis, just go somewhere.
Student: I will, you'll watch. I'll make you proud.


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