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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Hipster Handbook

I stumbled across this online and thought some of you might enjoy it...

Clues you are a hipster:

1. You graduated from a liberal arts school whose football team hasn't won a game since the Reagan administration.

2. You frequently use the term "post-modern" (or its commonly used variation "PoMo") as an adjective, noun, and verb.

3. You carry a shoulder-strap messenger bag and have at one time or another worn a pair of horn-rimmed or Elvis Costello-style glasses.

4. You have one Republican friend who you always describe as being your "one Republican friend."

5. Your hair looks best unwashed and you position your head on your pillow at night in a way that will really maximize your cowlicks.

6. You own records put out by Matador, DFA, Definitive Jux, Dischord, Warp, Thrill Jockey, Smells Like Records, and Drag City.

Clues You are NOT a hipster:

1. You teach Sunday School.

2. You are a big fan of the suburbs and vinyl siding.

3. You have a special "spill shirt" that you wear when you eat dinner at night.

4. You read novels with raised lettering on their covers.

5. You eat at Popeye's on a regular basis.

6. You work in an office building that has a man-made pond and a fountain in its front lot.

Check out the rest of the funny stuff on the website...


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