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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Hello friends,

So my first post on this blog was a question about what we were supposed to do for these blogs. Ha ha. For my second, I have something more exciting in mind...


April 15 7:30 PM


At me ship, of course.

Erika C's:

7225 Charmant Dr #414
San Diego, CA 92122

I live pretty close to school. It's my birthday so you'd better be there...and don't give me lame excuses about having to study or going home already...it's 2nd week.

Be there or be forced to walk the plank when I find you! And dress as a pirate...please? If it's going to be really difficult for you, don't worry, I'll have eye patches and masks and other such fun accessories at my place, so you can be at your piratey-est.


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